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My name is Ekta, and I’m originally from Nepal. I’ve been living in the UK for the best part of 11 years now. I’m happily married to my English knight with our very own “castle” in merry old London.

Growing up wasn’t easy as my parents travelled a lot, they worked hard for a change in lifestyle, they were young, in love and wanted a better life, you know how it is.. I spent the first few years of my life in Japan (My first language is actually Japanese). From there we moved to Hong Kong to spend a year with my grandparents who were in Hong Kong as my grandfather at that time was serving as the headmaster to a British Gurkha school. It was here in Hong Kong you could say where my passion began, I would sit for hours watching and learning from my grandmother knitting scarves, hats, gloves… All manner of things, she was the best! She could literally knit anything.

Skip ahead a good portion of my life to finishing my Masters degree in 'Finance’ ( #asianparentstories) from Northumbria University in Newcastle . I find myself in London working my way through the media industry and eventually ending up in Technology… Who would have thought!!

Anyway, skip ahead through lifes great pleasures of earning money, using said money to travel and spend every last penny I had on fashion accessories I quickly realised a lingering thought remained in my mind. I missed my home and not my home here in “Sunny England” but my home in Nepal.

I always thought I’d eventually go home and start my own business; not knowing I would get married to an Englishman. Things changed; for the better and this is what led me to starting my own business in two of the many things I love - Fashion and Nepal.

So I started a brand that would instil all the heritage of Nepal, with an urban twist #Londonbaby. I wanted to give something back to my local community; I wanted to help create jobs for the local people of my home town Lalitpur and most importantly build a stronger link to my birth country. (Did I mention Urban dhago’s factory is a stone's throw from my housing community!).

Finally, I want to share the Urban Dhago love, this little piece of my story, and provide the best quality and service to you to make this a success.

Ekta x