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Urban Dhago’s mission is to be 100% transparent in our supply chain. We aim to do this by reaching high ethical and environmental standards in all our processes. We want everyone who owns Urban Dhago products to be safe in the knowledge that the environmental and ethical impact of their product is minimal. We do this by creating strong relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring they follow Urban Dhago’s mission.

Minimising Environmental Impact 

One of the many ways we reduce our carbon footprint is during the manufacturing of your product. Our factory uses minimal machinery, almost all of our products are hand made by our skilled workers. Our sewing machines rely on motion foot pedals, eliminating the need of energy supplies.

Recycling: We aim to reduce all wastage by recycling as much as possible. We aim to provide packaging that is recyclable and is low impact on the environment. One example of this is that all Urban Dhago paper products, including swing tags, delivery packaging and seller's note are made from the traditional Nepalese handmade Lokta paper, known for its durability and easily recyclable.

Use of Materials: We aim to make sure that the materials used in Urban Dhago products are sourced locally, not only to promote traditional skills and to boost the local economy, but also to reduce the environmental impact of transporting materials long distances to manufacturing. We are constantly reviewing and refining our supply chain, finding the most ethical and environmentally friendly solution without compromising on the quality of your product and the brand aesthetic.