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When you are born and bred in Nepal, high-quality knitwear is an integral part of your lifestyle. It’s not just a question of fashion, but of genuine wellbeing where nature’s finest source of materials are curated into garments which provide functionality for those nestled in the Himalayas – the highest mountains in the world. In fact, it’s this delicate balance of fostering nature and having nature protect in return which is thread into Nepalese culture, and it’s only when you arrive in an urban landscape that you realise that this natural harmony is not ever-present.

Urban Dhago is the vision of a Nepalese soul, with thoroughly British roots.  A blend of ancient rituals and contemporary spirit. The product of a ‘what if’. What if the traditions that are so integral to the culture in Nepal could be given a modern relevance to the fashion world with a collection we refer to as Nepalese fusion.

The thoughtful Urban Dhago product offering encompasses shawls, scarves, ponchos and accessories each steeped in a sense of ancestry. Weaved through traditional methods which not only honour a sense of heritage but also create opportunities within local communities. By attributing value to traditional manufacturing methods, artisans in Nepal are developed and offered independence. Not only this but, by investing in ethical trading methods, we honour the balance of a fair supply chain – one that is in harmony with nature and the people it touches.  A sense of fairness that is as old as the Nepal landscape, as kind as the colourful community that shines within it and as relevant as the fashion statements continually infiltrating the modern day London catwalks.

Christened Urban Dhago, where Dhago (Pronounced as Dhaa-go) is Nepali for ‘thread’, we have crafted a concept which symobolises and binds both complexity and beauty into every product. As you browse through our portfolio, we hope you understand the threads which weave together contemporary lust-after styling, heritage and, most of all, respect.